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CRSI formally announces the launch of the fully-abridged NERC CIP Compliance Guide.

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Helen Jones joins CRSI as Administrative Specialist and Project Coordinator

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Corporate Enterprise Security, Inc. (CESI) is proud to announce that it has finalized the implementation of a brand new website.

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With the start of the New Year, Corporate Risk Solutions, Inc. (CRSI) is excited to announce that its growth and successes has created the opportunity to launch its new parent company, Corporate Enterprise Security, Inc. (CESI).

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Higher Education

Campus security and safety are on everyone’s minds today. Parents want to know that their children are safe, and staff want to know how to protect themselves. Everyone expects the university to provide that security and safety. With escalating school violence reaching staggering levels and more negative environmental conditions looming because of a weakening economy, universities become a more likely target. By understanding effective security design practices, performance-based technology, and security processes, college campuses can do much more to not only better protect themselves from potentially devastating risks, but to also add value through leveraging current systems and enabling multiple business systems.

To help you achieve solutions to your security needs and ensure that your campus is properly protected, some questions you should consider are:

  • How do you assess your threats and vulnerabilities, and how often?
  • What processes and procedures have you established that work “within” your environment, consistently educating and reinforcing good security practices?
  • What performance-based standards have you developed to ensure that you have selected a technology that will not only work on your campus today, but also have the capability to: -work in the future? –function with and enable other business systems? –reduce total costs of ownership and not just “acquisition costs”?
  • Do your emergency plans address an all-hazards approach, and are they supported by your safety and security systems?
  • How can these systems be leveraged to improve staff performance, documentation, and reporting?
  • How do you decide on and implement a combination of processes, technology, and awareness that will create a safe and secure environment?


Our consultants are experienced in providing security solutions to higher education institutions. They are qualified to fully support the various security initiatives required for today’s colleges and universities.

Service Offerings
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning & Testing
  • Cyber Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing (To protect students and staff from hackers trying to steal confidential information)
  • Lighting Assessments & Lighting Design
  • Managed Consulting Services
  • Mass Notification Design & Implementation
  • Physical Security Risk & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Physical Systems Technical Requirements, Design, Specifications and Budgeting
  • Project Management, Security Build Out/Implementation and Vendor Vetting
  • Regulatory Compliance (i.e. Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, PCI Compliance, etc.)
  • Security Construction Design & Management
  • Security Master Planning (Information, Logical/Cyber, Physical and Personnel)
  • Security Training & Awareness Programs for Students and Staff


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